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The Following videos are samples of our Christian Videos
Videos from "Twas Here N Gone"
"Interviews with Musicians, Entrepreneurs, and others
As well as
Places to go for a Day Out.

What did Jesus mean in Mark 9:1

Was this the first Paying It Forward ?

Angels Among us!

An Introduction to The Bible Times

60 Seconds of Inspiration from Scripture

60 Seconds of Inspiration from Scipture  Part 2

60 Seconds of Inspiration from Scripture Part 3

60 Seconds of Inspiration from Scripture Part 4

Coming under the dominion of God

It's Good To Be Peculiar

Why is my Testimony So Important

Peace be to this house

The Truth of the Lord Endureth Forever

Christian Testimony of Harvey Gingrich

Have you Questions on Death, Dying, and The Dead?

Why Should We Be So Sure We Can Depend On God.

The Devils Modus Operandi

The Mystery of Isaiah 43 and 44

The Mystery of The Book of Life

The Great White Throne Judgement

Heaping Coals of Fire on The Head of Your Enemy (Good or Bad)

The Mystery of the Keys to Heaven and Hell

Are Traditions important in the Church

The joy and wonder of sharing your faith

Contacting the Dead

The Power of Prayer in your Life

Christian Testimony of Ernie Reesor

Where Can I Look To Find Comfort ?

Episode 10 in a Bible Study on Hebrews

You Can't Hide From God

Do Not Be Swayed By The Foolish.

Work Out Your Own Salvation

Witnessing to The Living Dead

Reflections on the Rod and Staff of Moses

Videos from the book of short stories on
"Growing up in Ireland in the 40's 50' and 60's" 
Title:  Twas here N Gone.

Irish Terms and Sayings

In Trouble with the Law!


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